The Master Resume grows with you throughout your career. You receive all materials up front to allow you to go as fast or slow as you want. BONUS: You receive a fully editable professional resume template that's won 6-figure job offers. It works!.

The Master Resume is your best career buddy.
  • Historical record 
  • Swipe file to create targeted resumes 
  • Study guide for interview preparation
  • Planning tool for future career and education
  • Accurate, consistent resume information
  • DOUBLES the quality of your resume 

Table of Contents

Step 1 Resume Quiz
232 KB
Step 2 Introduction Video
1 min
Step 3 - Lesson 1 Why The Process Works
13 mins
Step 3 Print Master Resume Guide
207 KB
Step 3 Print Information Gathering Checklinst
136 KB
Step 3 Print BONUS - Professional Resume Guide
87.1 KB
EXTRA BONUS - Editable Resume Template
47 KB
Step 4 - Lesson 2 Information Blocks
8 mins
Step 5 - Lesson 3 Putting It All Together
11 mins
Step 6 - Bonus More Uses & Student Benefits
7 mins
Master Resume Bootcamp Slides
609 KB
Master Resume Bootcamp Audio File
24 mins